Episode 1.4

It's Off to Sea...

Having secured passage aboard the good ship Windcutter with Lyschfal the Silver Trout and his crew, the heroes set out in hot pursuit of the slave ship the Kingsreaver. Though they were starting late, the Windcutter was a smaller and quicker vessel and with the help of some timely rituals purchased from Nicodemus the Sea Mage, the heroes managed to overtake the Kingsreaver at night upon the coast, not far from Ollynguard and the Grey God's Veil.

Using stealth, the party approached the ship in a row boat and jumped aboard the main deck, only to be surprised by a group of hideous orcs manning the boat. This came as a surprise indeed, Seven orcs were quickly handled, while one of their number ran below decks. Orryn Whisperwood, the gnomish wizard was knocked overboard during the melee, though he managed to save himself on the row boat and climb back aboard a little worse for the wear.

One the main deck was secured, the heroes descended below decks and were assaulted by a giant spider. As the fighting ensued, a door opened up in a shadowed cabin and two dark elves emerged, attacking the party. The surprises it seemed, only got stranger. The fight began to go badly for the heroes, as the dark elves proved elusive and the paralytic poison they coated their weapons threatened to bring everyone down. Orryn was telepathically communicated with just as the tide began to get worse, and was instructed to open a cabin door deeper in the shadows. Unable to ignore his curiosity, the gnome did as he was bade and uncovered a chained unicorn. After the magical beast was released from it's bonds, it dashed into the fight and helped to turn the tide in the heroes favour, allowing them to clutch victory from the jaws of defeat.

When the dust settled, the heroes searched the other cabins to find seven other slaves bound for Ollynguard, among them Orryn's dwarfen friend Thorgrim. Unsure of what to do next and finding themselves in possession of their own ship, the heroes must decide upon their next course of action. Do they accompany Lyschfal and the Windcutter to the Oracle at Sumbar to find the 50,000gp to pay off Spurlock Wyverbright's debt to the untergraf (and where it is rumoured the oracle to answer any one question), or do they forge their own path and follow leads and questions newly uncovered from the Kingsreaver?

Slaves rescued:

Etana, the unicorn from the Grakken Wood
Thorgrim, the dwarf from parts unknown
Natahk, the deva from parts unknown
Valmelia, the dragonborn from Arkhosia
Acor, the shifter from the wild hills to the east
Kronthud, Derthmek, and Belwar, the svirfneblin from the underdark




Beerock Beerock

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