Hallowgaard is one of the few remaining cities of Human civilization in Thalasia. It borders the western coast and is a melting pot of various cultures, races, and dispositions.

The city is broken up into 4 districts – The new city, which is largely abandoned, the old town – which houses the nobles and palaces of ages past, the foreign quarter – where demihumans and others of their like are tolerated, and the docks – a ramshackle district at the bottom of the cliff, accessible only by a large pulley system, which houses the shipyards, brothels and gambling dens frequented by foreign sailors.

Places of Note

  • The Radiant Tower – home to the historian and sage, Balthasar
  • The Giant's Goblet – an inn and tavern run by the Goliath Vimak Girgus, which is friendly to minorities
  • The Siren's Song – a tavern in the Dock District frequented by sailors and ne'er-do-wells
  • The Merchant's Respite – an inn and tavern that caters to the upper classes and those looking to broker business deals and trade in exotic wares


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