Coppernight Scroll

Fragment of a scroll found in Coppernight Hold


A tattered fragment of a scroll written in Dwarvish runes that appears to be a few hundred years old.


Not long after the fall of great Radrundaar and the migration of the last of our folk, we began to see the signs of the dwarfblight. I, along with what was left of my clan traveled south to get as far away from the sickness as possible. Having set up here in this remote wilderness, we thought to begin mining, but the fire had been extinguished from us. We lacked the desire and the motivation. Years passed, and we thought we had escaped, but signs of the sickness eventually began to appear. At first, in our elder folk, but it didn’t take long for it to spread to all within our hold. The clerics and healers prayed to Moradin for reprieve, but our prayers it seems, have gone unanswered. Perhaps Moradin is displeased with us; perhaps he too has fallen ill. Whatever the cause, it seems we were unable to avoid the dwarfblight in the end. I fear there is not much time left for our entire race if a cure is not found.

Perhaps the answer lies in Radrundaar. If so, then we are surely doomed, as that once great and glorious hold is now lost to us.

Coppernight Scroll

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