Warforged Warden


A prototype construct of Dwarven manufacture created of shimmering steel and stone with raw lines of mithril running across his body.


A creation of the Dwarfs and part of an army built to defend their kingdoms during the great war. Unn was dispatched to the town of Perrenwall to investigate reports of an unknown threat to the area. Finding a group of Orcs within the village, Unn quickly engaged them in battle. Moving deeper into the village he came upon the central square where a flash hardened his limbs and his consciousness faded, as he turned to stone from an unknown assailant. As time went by the story of the statue of Unn become confused to be simply and artistic interpretation of the Warforged that gave his life in defense of the town. The scholar Balthazar, while studying the history of the great war in Perrenwall, found evidence that this was not the case, and that the statue was indeed the petrified remains of the warrior. Testing his theory, a counterspell was cast and Unn once again felt his consciousness return. Having lost large parts of his memories and skills as one of the greatest warriors of his age, Unn found he had now a strange connection to the land and the stone, and had a communion with the earth. After spending some time exchanging information of the past and the present with Balthazar it was apparent that the time had come for Unn to find his place in this new world and what had happened to his creators and his comrades.


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