Grim Oakbriar

Firesoul Genasi Ranger


Two-blade Melee Ranger


Once a human ranger, Grim was a shepherd and steward of the woodlands surrounding his village. Grim lived a simple life, tending to the forests and animals under the instruction of an Eleven Druid. Grim was going to be married to Greta, his one true love, before we was forced to make a terrible choice and bond his soul with a mysterious fire elemental to save his village from a ranging fire. The village was saved but Grim took on new and terrible powers and was forced to leave the only place he has ever known.

Grim has only fleeting memories of the events that changed his life and of what promises he made to save his village. He much try and reveal his fate and fulfill his promises to free his soul and try and recapture the life he once knew.

Grim Oakbriar

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