Episode 1.1

The Ruins of Coppernight Hold

Coppernight Hold

Finding themselves in Brandursk and hearing rumours of a nearby dwarfhold, Unn and Grim headed to the local tavern, the Broken Wheel, to find out more. Clamour, with other ideas in his head, went over to the local temple of Pelor and met with Sister Claudia to ask her some questions about “Secret Cities”. Being a parochial soul, Sister Claudia knew precious little about such things, but she advised Clamour to seek out a wizardly historian in Hallowgaard called Balthasar.

Back at the tavern, Unn and Grim were having difficulty winning over the insular townsfolk, but they eventually got some information about Kobold raiders to the north and managed to get the townsfolk to throw in some money to help rid them of the threat.

Convincing Baharata the caravan master to wait an additional day for them, the group with Clamour in tow, trudged out into the wilderness. Their superior knowledge of nature helped them easily find signs of Kobolds and track them back to a pit on top of a low, rising hill. Getting the jump on the sentries, they quickly dispatched a group of the little brutes and made their way down a rope ladder into a small, stone-worked hall, with trappings of dwarven art.

Making their way through the small hold, they encountered several white-face Kobolds led by a juvenile white dragon. Despite the fact that dragons were thought to have gone extinct ages ago, the beast introduced herself as Galvaska, and claimed that the six great dragon gods had stirred from their long sleep, creating a ripple effect that awoke all of dragonkind. Not intimidated in the least, the stalwart adventurers bested Galvaska and her champions, uncovering some choice loot, including a fragment of a dwarvish scroll called the Coppernight Scroll. They also discovered a pair of young villagers who had been captured by the Kobolds to feed to their dragon overlady.

With a successful delve under their belts, the heroes returned to Brandursk with the two villagers and the severed head of Galvaska to claim their reward. After a night of celebration, they rejoined the caravan as it trundled away from the village, making for the city Hallowgaard.


Treasure Found:

  • 510 gp
  • 1 Healing Potion
  • Dwarven Bearskin rug
  • 3 Glue Pots
  • Level 2 Magic Item
  • Level 3 Magic Item

XP Gained:
1550XP (517 each)

Episode 1.1
Beerock Beerock

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