Episode 1.3

Tea Time with Balthasar

Tea Time with Balthasar












After dealing with Armando PaMuerte and finding the ledger which indicated that the kidnapped demi-humans were being sent to some other nefarious organization known as the Whispers in the Void, the adventurers decided to pay a visit to Balthasar, owner of the Radiant Tower, and sage to the common people. The heroes were met by Martha, Balthasar's Maidservant, who fetched the sage extraordinaire. While sipping on mulled berry wine, the heroes asked Balthasar about all manner of things, including the incursions from the Feywilde and the Elemental Chaos. He told them too of six secret cities that were rumoured to house the knowledge of existence, but claimed to only know 3 of the cities' names: The City Inside the Maelstrom, the City Behind the Moon, and the City Within the Song. Balthasar mentioned that a young Tiefling and her Dragonborn bodyguard had been in asking questions about the City Within the Song as well. Having no knowledge of the Whispers in the Void, Balthasar sent the group off to see the Ravenwatch Syndicate, a group of Kenku spies who knew the ins and outs of the city.

The leaders of the Syndicate, Heckle and Jeckle, informed the heroes that slavers send kidnapped victims north from the port for unknown reasons, on a ship called the Kingsreaver. The heroes then made their way down to the docks and the Siren's Song tavern, where Old Singe, the barkeep, informed them that a snitch for the slavers, Ridley El Raton could be found in the gambling den down the street.

Seeking this El Raton, the adventurers went to the gambling den, where they were met by Lyschfal the Silver Trout, a one-time compatriot of Unn. He let the heroes know that he was going to be boarding a ship headed north to the Oracle at Sumbar, a place rumoured to house an Oracle that would truthfully answer but one question for any person within a lifetime. Intrigued, the heroes agreed to set sail, but requested that they track down the Kingsreaver first.

After getting Lyschfal's agreement, the group, with Lyschfal in tow, then trailed El Raton and some thugs out of the gambling den. They confronted the thugs in the street and handily beat them, prying precious little out of El-Raton. The patsy informed them that the Kingsreaver was set to land in Ollyngaard, a city to the north, which borders the Grey God's Veil, a thick impenetrable fog and leftover remnant the of the Rain of Colourless Fire, which brought the Tiefling Empre of Bael Turath low. With this information in hand, the heroes prepared to set sail up the coast.


Beerock Beerock

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