Episode 1.2

The Undercrypt of Carnem House

The Undercrypt of Carnem House

 After two days of hard travel, the caravan crested a rolling hill and came in sight of the gleaming domes of Hallowgaard. Barahata, the caravan master paid the travelers and told them of three inns they might find lodging in. The heroes decided upon the Giant's Goblet a tavern and inn run by a Goliath name Vimak Girgis, who catered to exotic clientele.

Inside the tavern, Grim accepted the challenge of Vimak to a contest of strength, but was bested in an arm wrestling match. They also met and befriended a gnomish wizard by the name of Orryn Whisperwood, who had been waiting in the tavern for his Dwarfish friend, Thorgrim. Unn wanted to know more of the dwarf, but Orryn could not tell him much, as his friend had not shown up at the appointed time. A lone human in the tavern was caught eavesdropping on the conversation and tried to stealthily make his way out of the room, but Unn spied him and Grim and Unn captured the man. Taking him into the back room they interrogated him and learned that a slaver by the name of Shlom Koljenko was delivering people to a man named Armando Pamuerte on Potter's Lane in a place called Carnem House. The human tried to escape again, but was killed by Unn before he could do so.

Getting directions to Potter's Lane, the two heroes (with Orryn in tow) made their way through the streets towards Carnem House, but espied several thugs following them. Luring them down an empty alleyway, the heroes ambushed the thugs and bested them. The leader of the thugs told them that they had been delivering hostages to Armando Pamuerte, a necromancer, for use in his experiments. The thug was then quickly silenced by being dumped in a trough of water to die.

After reaching Carnem House, they found the structure to be run down and abandoned. On the main floor they fought some skeletons, before moving to the basement and the under crypt. There they found Armando Pamuerte with his wererat lackey and several moldering skeletons. The battle was joined and they made quick work of the skeletons, but the necromancer kept raising them from the ground. Finally, sneaking by the skeleton vanguard, Grim met Armando in battle and killed the upstart necromancer.

Little was found of survivors though and hope began to fade surrounding Thorgrim's fate. Rummaging through the necromancer's notes, they found a ledger which indicated that all human rabble were delivered to Armando for his experiments, but all demihumans and creatures of magical origin were transported elsewhere for some unknown purpose. Feeling a glimmer of hope that Thorgrim yet lived, the heroes left the grim darkness of Carnem House, seeking answers to where the other hostages may have been taken.







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