Episode 1.4
It's Off to Sea...

Having secured passage aboard the good ship Windcutter with Lyschfal the Silver Trout and his crew, the heroes set out in hot pursuit of the slave ship the Kingsreaver. Though they were starting late, the Windcutter was a smaller and quicker vessel and with the help of some timely rituals purchased from Nicodemus the Sea Mage, the heroes managed to overtake the Kingsreaver at night upon the coast, not far from Ollynguard and the Grey God's Veil.

Using stealth, the party approached the ship in a row boat and jumped aboard the main deck, only to be surprised by a group of hideous orcs manning the boat. This came as a surprise indeed, Seven orcs were quickly handled, while one of their number ran below decks. Orryn Whisperwood, the gnomish wizard was knocked overboard during the melee, though he managed to save himself on the row boat and climb back aboard a little worse for the wear.

One the main deck was secured, the heroes descended below decks and were assaulted by a giant spider. As the fighting ensued, a door opened up in a shadowed cabin and two dark elves emerged, attacking the party. The surprises it seemed, only got stranger. The fight began to go badly for the heroes, as the dark elves proved elusive and the paralytic poison they coated their weapons threatened to bring everyone down. Orryn was telepathically communicated with just as the tide began to get worse, and was instructed to open a cabin door deeper in the shadows. Unable to ignore his curiosity, the gnome did as he was bade and uncovered a chained unicorn. After the magical beast was released from it's bonds, it dashed into the fight and helped to turn the tide in the heroes favour, allowing them to clutch victory from the jaws of defeat.

When the dust settled, the heroes searched the other cabins to find seven other slaves bound for Ollynguard, among them Orryn's dwarfen friend Thorgrim. Unsure of what to do next and finding themselves in possession of their own ship, the heroes must decide upon their next course of action. Do they accompany Lyschfal and the Windcutter to the Oracle at Sumbar to find the 50,000gp to pay off Spurlock Wyverbright's debt to the untergraf (and where it is rumoured the oracle to answer any one question), or do they forge their own path and follow leads and questions newly uncovered from the Kingsreaver?

Slaves rescued:

Etana, the unicorn from the Grakken Wood
Thorgrim, the dwarf from parts unknown
Natahk, the deva from parts unknown
Valmelia, the dragonborn from Arkhosia
Acor, the shifter from the wild hills to the east
Kronthud, Derthmek, and Belwar, the svirfneblin from the underdark



Episode 1.3
Tea Time with Balthasar

Tea Time with Balthasar












After dealing with Armando PaMuerte and finding the ledger which indicated that the kidnapped demi-humans were being sent to some other nefarious organization known as the Whispers in the Void, the adventurers decided to pay a visit to Balthasar, owner of the Radiant Tower, and sage to the common people. The heroes were met by Martha, Balthasar's Maidservant, who fetched the sage extraordinaire. While sipping on mulled berry wine, the heroes asked Balthasar about all manner of things, including the incursions from the Feywilde and the Elemental Chaos. He told them too of six secret cities that were rumoured to house the knowledge of existence, but claimed to only know 3 of the cities' names: The City Inside the Maelstrom, the City Behind the Moon, and the City Within the Song. Balthasar mentioned that a young Tiefling and her Dragonborn bodyguard had been in asking questions about the City Within the Song as well. Having no knowledge of the Whispers in the Void, Balthasar sent the group off to see the Ravenwatch Syndicate, a group of Kenku spies who knew the ins and outs of the city.

The leaders of the Syndicate, Heckle and Jeckle, informed the heroes that slavers send kidnapped victims north from the port for unknown reasons, on a ship called the Kingsreaver. The heroes then made their way down to the docks and the Siren's Song tavern, where Old Singe, the barkeep, informed them that a snitch for the slavers, Ridley El Raton could be found in the gambling den down the street.

Seeking this El Raton, the adventurers went to the gambling den, where they were met by Lyschfal the Silver Trout, a one-time compatriot of Unn. He let the heroes know that he was going to be boarding a ship headed north to the Oracle at Sumbar, a place rumoured to house an Oracle that would truthfully answer but one question for any person within a lifetime. Intrigued, the heroes agreed to set sail, but requested that they track down the Kingsreaver first.

After getting Lyschfal's agreement, the group, with Lyschfal in tow, then trailed El Raton and some thugs out of the gambling den. They confronted the thugs in the street and handily beat them, prying precious little out of El-Raton. The patsy informed them that the Kingsreaver was set to land in Ollyngaard, a city to the north, which borders the Grey God's Veil, a thick impenetrable fog and leftover remnant the of the Rain of Colourless Fire, which brought the Tiefling Empre of Bael Turath low. With this information in hand, the heroes prepared to set sail up the coast.

Episode 1.2
The Undercrypt of Carnem House

The Undercrypt of Carnem House

 After two days of hard travel, the caravan crested a rolling hill and came in sight of the gleaming domes of Hallowgaard. Barahata, the caravan master paid the travelers and told them of three inns they might find lodging in. The heroes decided upon the Giant's Goblet a tavern and inn run by a Goliath name Vimak Girgis, who catered to exotic clientele.

Inside the tavern, Grim accepted the challenge of Vimak to a contest of strength, but was bested in an arm wrestling match. They also met and befriended a gnomish wizard by the name of Orryn Whisperwood, who had been waiting in the tavern for his Dwarfish friend, Thorgrim. Unn wanted to know more of the dwarf, but Orryn could not tell him much, as his friend had not shown up at the appointed time. A lone human in the tavern was caught eavesdropping on the conversation and tried to stealthily make his way out of the room, but Unn spied him and Grim and Unn captured the man. Taking him into the back room they interrogated him and learned that a slaver by the name of Shlom Koljenko was delivering people to a man named Armando Pamuerte on Potter's Lane in a place called Carnem House. The human tried to escape again, but was killed by Unn before he could do so.

Getting directions to Potter's Lane, the two heroes (with Orryn in tow) made their way through the streets towards Carnem House, but espied several thugs following them. Luring them down an empty alleyway, the heroes ambushed the thugs and bested them. The leader of the thugs told them that they had been delivering hostages to Armando Pamuerte, a necromancer, for use in his experiments. The thug was then quickly silenced by being dumped in a trough of water to die.

After reaching Carnem House, they found the structure to be run down and abandoned. On the main floor they fought some skeletons, before moving to the basement and the under crypt. There they found Armando Pamuerte with his wererat lackey and several moldering skeletons. The battle was joined and they made quick work of the skeletons, but the necromancer kept raising them from the ground. Finally, sneaking by the skeleton vanguard, Grim met Armando in battle and killed the upstart necromancer.

Little was found of survivors though and hope began to fade surrounding Thorgrim's fate. Rummaging through the necromancer's notes, they found a ledger which indicated that all human rabble were delivered to Armando for his experiments, but all demihumans and creatures of magical origin were transported elsewhere for some unknown purpose. Feeling a glimmer of hope that Thorgrim yet lived, the heroes left the grim darkness of Carnem House, seeking answers to where the other hostages may have been taken.






Episode 1.1
The Ruins of Coppernight Hold

Coppernight Hold

Finding themselves in Brandursk and hearing rumours of a nearby dwarfhold, Unn and Grim headed to the local tavern, the Broken Wheel, to find out more. Clamour, with other ideas in his head, went over to the local temple of Pelor and met with Sister Claudia to ask her some questions about “Secret Cities”. Being a parochial soul, Sister Claudia knew precious little about such things, but she advised Clamour to seek out a wizardly historian in Hallowgaard called Balthasar.

Back at the tavern, Unn and Grim were having difficulty winning over the insular townsfolk, but they eventually got some information about Kobold raiders to the north and managed to get the townsfolk to throw in some money to help rid them of the threat.

Convincing Baharata the caravan master to wait an additional day for them, the group with Clamour in tow, trudged out into the wilderness. Their superior knowledge of nature helped them easily find signs of Kobolds and track them back to a pit on top of a low, rising hill. Getting the jump on the sentries, they quickly dispatched a group of the little brutes and made their way down a rope ladder into a small, stone-worked hall, with trappings of dwarven art.

Making their way through the small hold, they encountered several white-face Kobolds led by a juvenile white dragon. Despite the fact that dragons were thought to have gone extinct ages ago, the beast introduced herself as Galvaska, and claimed that the six great dragon gods had stirred from their long sleep, creating a ripple effect that awoke all of dragonkind. Not intimidated in the least, the stalwart adventurers bested Galvaska and her champions, uncovering some choice loot, including a fragment of a dwarvish scroll called the Coppernight Scroll. They also discovered a pair of young villagers who had been captured by the Kobolds to feed to their dragon overlady.

With a successful delve under their belts, the heroes returned to Brandursk with the two villagers and the severed head of Galvaska to claim their reward. After a night of celebration, they rejoined the caravan as it trundled away from the village, making for the city Hallowgaard.

Episode 1.0
It Begins on the Road

It Begins on the Road…

Hired as the vanguard for a caravan traveling to the coastal city of Hallowgaard, Grim, Unn, and Clamour are ambushed on the road by a band of Kobolds. After a protracted and difficult battle in which the group learns to fight as a unit, they eventually prove victorious. Meeting up again with the caravan, the adventurers arrive at the village of Brandursk as the sun is setting, a little closer to their goal and a little worse for the wear. 


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